By abhishek |

Its been a long time since i blogged, recently i logged in and found that this site was still using Drupal 6 fortunate enough that it was the Final Version of D6, which has already reached End of Life on On February 24th 2016, so as a first step thought of upgrading this site to the latest version fortunately was not using many modules so was able to upgrade the site to Drupal 8.5.3 in less than 10 mins using the guide available on Drupal Docs, Upgrade was smooth as Drupal Migrate & UI Module were used was able to migrate entire site barring the Theme as D8 version of Kanji Theme which was used in D6 was not available will work a bit on some theme to give site a new look till then using the Default Theme :).

Will try to restart blogging this Year atleast.