Once you have procured a Domain Name & Web Hosting or Configured your own Server first step is to login to the Server using SSH/Terminal and install Composer

Composer : Composer or i will term it as a Swiss Knife for dependency management for PHP projects, allows to define the libraries a project requires and helps in installing/updating via a command line utility.

Note : You can install this Utility only if you have SSH Access to the Web Server.

Composer is deployed as a PHP Archive (PHAR) file, to check if phar is enabled on your server use the following command

[dev.nagar.me]$ php -m | grep Phar

Composer is generally not installed on any server by default you may install Composer using the following commands

[dev.nagar.me]$ mkdir -p ~/.php/composer

[dev.nagar.me]$ cd ~/.php/composer

[dev.nagar.me]$ curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php

[dev.nagar.me]$ mv ~/.php/composer/composer.phar ~/.php/composer/composer

[dev.nagar.me]$ export PATH=/home/username/.php/composer:$PATH

[dev.nagar.me]$. source ~/.bash_profile

This completes installation of composer for the current user, to test that the installation is successful  use the following command

[dev.nagar.me]$ composer

This will should the composer help/man page, once you see the man/help page your swiss knife is ready for operation.