In Order to Host a Website you require the following

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  • Domain Name
  • Hosting Space
  • PHP 8.0
  • MySQL 5.7.8+
  • SSL for Fee
  • SSH Access

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Server Requirements/Configurations

Drupal is a PHP based Web Content Management System the following are the Server Requirements to install Drupal 9 and should be kept in mind while procuring Hosting Services or Building your Own Server.

  • Database
    • MySQL 5.7.8 + or
    • PostgreSQL 10.0 + or
    • SQLLite 3.6.8 +
  • Web Server
    • Apache 2.x hosted on UNIX/Linux
      • mod_rewrite is required for Clean URLS
      • AllowOverride All directive is needed to use .htaccess Configurations
    • Nginx
    • Microsoft IIS    !recommended
  • PHP
    • PHP 7.4 or higher

The above is the recommended configuration in case you wish to use Drupal 9.