न चौर हार्यम न च राज हार्यम |

न भ्रात्रभाज्यम न च भारकारी ||

व्यये कृते वर्धते नित्यं |

विद्या धनं सर्वे धनं प्रधानम्  ||

na rajharyam , na chor haryam , na bhratrabhajyam, na bharkarm.

vyaye krite vardhate nityam Vidya dhanam sarva pradhanam.

(Knowledge is best form of wealth. It can not be confiscated by king, it can not be stolen by dacoits, it is not divided among siblings, it doesnt cause any weight, and it increases by sharing)


Abhishek Nagar is a Post Graduate from Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research, Pune and is expertise in Media Administration and Web Deployments, Abhishek has a special interest in Localization, Web Radio and integrating multiple technologies, he is one of the administrators of the Drupal Hindi Localization Project, an open source evangelist and contributor to various open source related projects in various capacities.

Mozilla recognized his contributions by placing his name on the Mozilla Monument placed at Mozilla Head Quarters in San Francisco. Abhishek believes in experimenting and learning

handle : @abhisheknagar

IRC nick : nagar (FreeNode)

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