Samsung Galaxy Fit

Samsung Galaxy Fit

A Very Happy New Year !!! I was a bit slow in writing over here last year so will try to write a bit more this year...

I bought a new phone in a hurry last December as my Nokia N86 went dead a fine day landed to the Samsung Shop in Kashipur and bought a budget Phone Samsung Fit in approx 10K, so far so good its an Android phone which i bought with testing the platform in my mind running Android 2.2.1 which could be upgraded to a next version which i never did so here is a review..

The Pluses

  • Android :)
  • Light weight.
  • Wifi, 3G.
  • Can work as Hotspot, not found in any Nokia phone in my opinion.
  • Touch is quite good.
  • 5MP Camera.

The Minuses

  • Low Batery Life.
  • Sound Quality below expectation.

This was the first time i am using android in a non Virtual format and believe me i liked it a lot, the Android Market is quite rich with almost all kind of applications available, Samsung phones do come with Samsung App Store but atleast i have never opened that application, i also tried to get my hands dirty in developing a small application and without any previous experience in mobile dev i was able to code a small app using the android docs available this is why i love the open culture. After exploring a lot here are the top 10 Apps i use and recommend on an android phone

  1. Google Maps
  2. Gmail
  3. ConnectBot
  4. TOI
  5. OSM Tracker
  6. Foursquare
  7. Indian Rail
  8. GPS Essentials
  9. Skype
  10. Talking Tom 2

Fifefox is not supported on this :(

Drupal for Education & E-Learning Review

Drupal for Education & E LearningTechnology is changing the way in which we do the normal day to day things, Libraries are changed to Digital Libraries, Educational institutions and corporate are moving to no paper offices. Building up a corporate Intranet System is the need of hour. 


Drupal for Education & E-Learning is a great work by Bill Fitzgerals which can be used to build your own intranet system.



The book gives a step by step guide to build up a complete intranet for your college/school and how to effectively use it for better communication


Use this book to build up an intranet systen which will provide your services like

  • Teachers & Students Blogs
  • Enrolling Students
  • Bookmarking Content
  • Podasting over the Intranet
  • Video Hosting
  • Forums
  • Social Networks
  • Student Progress Tracker


The book provides an excellent step by step guide to setup the entire System, Special Thanks to PACKT Publishing for providing the book for review. I highly recommend this book for Educational Institutions for building their own systems


Sample Chapter : Creating Student Blog