How to TTF Fonts in Ubuntu

Simple steps to install TTF fonts on your Ubuntu Machine
  1. Move all your fonts to the ~/ Directory. The ~/ Directory is your home folder. So if you were logged in as abhishek, the directory would be /home/abhishek/ . This step is done only to ease the process you can use any directory for this matter.
  2. Open up the terminal. I'm assuming you've already extracted the font to the ~/ directory. Type: "cd /usr/local/share/fonts/truetype" without the quotes (the path is "/usr/share/fonts/truetype" on some distros). What this does is changes the directory to the truetype fonts directory.
  3. Type in "sudo mkdir myfonts" also without quotes. Assuming you're not logged in as root, this will ask you for your password. Anything you type will not be seen, but it is there. Just type in your password, press enter, and the directory 'myfonts' will be created.
  4. Type in "cd myfonts" . Then type in "sudo cp ~/fontname.ttf ."  These will get your font in the /myfonts directory.
  5. In order to install the font, ownership has to belong to root it would be done automatically as u copied using sudo if its not done  use "sudo chown root.root fontname.ttf" and after that "sudo mkfontdir" (this is important)which makes a directory for your font.
  6. Now your font is installed, but it will disappear the next time ubuntu starts up, so you just need to type "cd .." and after that "fc-cache" .

Drupal Camp India Pune

Drupal Camp India Pune 09, 2nd of its kind in India first Drupal Camp was held last year in Ahmedabad i registered for it but was unable to attend due to tight schedule, and guess what this time i am one of the Organizers of Drupal Camp. I have been using Drupal since 50 weeks almost a year, have also taken lectures on Drupal at various places/events including phpcamp, DKTE Engg College Ichalkaranji, my own College and a few other places. In this Drupal Camp as planned i would be one of the Speakers for the Beginner Track and would also be managing the Code Lab in which we would be working on Localization Of Drupal. Our team is already listed as Hindi Team for Localization on Lokking forward for a good Camp would get an opportunity to solve many of my questions. More Information about the event at

SWAP Usage

For the first time i saw my SWAP space being used in excess of 2% don't know why but it was i was running 4-5 applications since 7hrs suddenly i saw that my System Monitor showed a high SWAP usage would be analysing the Logs to check what went wrong. have taken the snapshot which is below

Swap Usage


My first day on IRC

I always heard from Dexter, Sudhanwa that you can get solutions from IRC but never tried it, thought to give it a try and got connected using XCHAT IRC client of Ubuntu to Freenode Server searched for a few channels found a lot of them joined the following on Day 1


and found many people of same interests talking i putted up a few of my question and believe me i got some very fruitful answers also implemented them. i am now loving IRC since Day 1

IRC : Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet chat or synchronous conferencing. It is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private message, as well as chat and data transfers via Direct Client-to-Client.   " Wikipedia"


Disabling Drupal Module via database

I assume phpMyAdmin is installed on your server

  1. Login to your Drupal Database

  2. Access the ’system’ table.  If you added a table prefix: , the table will be listed as ‘system’

  3. Browse the table entries, and find the entry for the target module

  4. Edit the table entry, and change the status from ‘1′ to ‘0′

  5. The module is now disabled!!

Hindi Localization Server Project

Good News !!!!!!!!!!!

Now We are listed by Drupal as Hindi Team for Localization in their Localization Project which can be viewed at I request you all to contribute to and make the First Hindi Localization Possible for Drupal this is totally a Community Driven Project.

The Current Status says that there is no Translation available for Drupal in Hindi which is very well shown on, so lets contribute and make this Open-Source Project Happen.

Contributing to this project is very simple just register at and start posting suggestions to words and phrases the more suggestions we get the work would move even faster.


Remount a disk in read write mode

A few days back i was stuck when i wrongly edited fstab the system just didn't booted up each time i boot it went to recovery mode so i tried to re-edit the fstab but as the file system was read-only i was unable to edit, but lately i realized  that i can remount my file system as read write which i did using the following command

mount -o remount, rw /

adding this in blog so that new bies like me can remember this


Size of Tags in Tag Cloud

Tag Cloud is one of the best widgets available in Wordpres at times we use it as a Widget at times its part of the theme but the size of tags goes on increasing as we add posts under the tag which at times doesnot look nice we can control the behaviour of this Tag Cloud, if you have installed this as a Widget then edit wp-includes/widget.php file find the following section in it function wp_widget_tag_cloud($args) { extract($args); $options = get_option('widget_tag_cloud'); $title = empty($options['title']) ? __('Tags') : apply_filters('widget_title', $options['title']); echo $before_widget; echo $before_title . $title . $after_title; //wp_tag_cloud(); wp_tag_cloud('smallest=8&largest=18'); (add the above line and define the size of smallest and largest tag) echo $after_widget; } the line shown controls the behaviour of tag Cloud. If you are not using Tag Cloud as a Widget u will find the wp_tag_cloud() in sidebar.php file. [ad#460]

45 Days to go GNUnify '09

I am very lucky that i got a chance to work with the GNUnify Team 2nd time in a row, 45 days are now left for one of the Biggest Open-Source event in Asia, last time i was leading the Technical Team, this time around i have got a responsibily to lead the Web Team for GNUnify '09 and also guide other teams. Webteam is good they are working prety much fine we were able to bring the website up in just a day and today we added certain more functionalities to the website i have got comments that it is looking better then any of the GNUnify's websites in the past hope to that these comments continues to come.  This time i am also managing the GNUnify Twitter this is not yet added in the website but would like to add it soon. Registration for speakers have started. Most probably i will also be giving a talk like last year also planning to take a Workshop if it is really possible among the biggies. Hope to see a great event this time again. GNUnify Official Website [ad#460]