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Dexter introducing PLUG @ dsi2009

Drupal Sprint India was a 2 day event held on 30 & 31st October 2009 in Pune and was one of the biggest Drupal Sprints ever held in India, Sprinters from Kashmir, Karnataka, Delhi, Gujrat and almost all regions of India took part in making this event a huge success, this event was divided in mainly 3 parts Sprints, Talks & Workshops, Sprint was sub classified as Code Sprint, Documentation Sprint & The Translation Sprint.

Day 1)

Sprint @ dsi2009The event started half hour delayed with a welcome message from PLUG, which continued with a talk by Aradhana Sharma on "Customizing your Drupal website using RULES", and while she was delivering her talk few of us were getting ready the Sprinters Hall, in a hour time the Sprints started with Adisson Berry heading the Document Sprint. With Sprinters coming in the Sprints were running houseful and talks went on well.

Abhishek Nagar @ dsi2009The first day talks included talks on


People were busy in listening to talks and beginners were busy with the workshop while Sprinters were# Customizing your Drupal website using RULES by Aradhana Sharma contributing the first Contribution came from Mr Prasad Shirgaonkar in the form of a Documentation for Localization which was highly appreciated, Sprinters worked on porting different Modules from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.

The day came to an end for the Talks around 5:30 PM, but the sprints continued whole night, with sprinters working on various Modules. Documentation and Translations

Prasad Shirgaonkar @ dsi2009

Ankur Saxena @ dsi2009

Mir @ dsi2009

Gaurav @ dsi2009

Day 2)

Sprinters were on work for the whole night the first tweet for the ay 2 came around 3:00 AM :), Day 2 witnessed a drop in the audiance in talks but the Sprints continued housefull.

The second day talks included

  • Drupal 7, Anatomy of a killer release by Dipen Chaudhary
  • Do it with Drupal - The M3 Serve Platform by Gaurav Kumar
  • A Case Study of How to make beautiful and featureful news and magazine websites in Drupal  by Sidharth Kshatriya
  • Building Indian Language based Social Networking Site with Drupal! by Prasad Shirgaonkar
  • Brightcove Integration with Drupal by Ravi Gupta
  • Workshop by Prasad Shirgaonkar on Quick & Easy Drupal Theme Creation!
  • The event schedule was reshuffled as one of the Speakers coming from a different location was unable to reach the venue due to some reasons.

The Sprinters were working hard with the sprints lot many bugs were fixed and reported, more than 500 Translations were done and uploaded to

Bhaskaracharya PratishtanFxing up the internetdsi Tshirt

Pre Event (Last minute arrangements)

Upgrading of the available bandwidth from 256Kbps to 8Mbs was a huge task and fortunately this was completed just one day before the event, Arrangement of event T-shirts just finished in time, setting up of Wifi at the Venue was the final task for 29th October 2009

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