Google Voice in India

UPDATE (28/02/2011): Till yesterday Voice was working only on BSNL EVDO but today it started working on our lease-line based connection as well and whats more now i am also able to add credits to the account which was not possible since last few days. +301 is the number from which you will see incoming calls

UPDATE (30/01/2011): Google Voice was deactivated from my account but today (30th Jan 2011) it is again available i am using a BSNL EVDO based Internet connection and my IP is (dynamic) the location of this IP is in India here is an IP Location Lookup result IN INDIA   RAJASTHAN JAIPUR


A Long wait for Google Voice in india ends here, still there is no official announcement for the service but its now working.

The Service incidental got activated in my Google Aps Account today and i was able to make calls the minimum recharge option available is $10.00 calling charges can be found here. Calling to United States in Free.

When a user calls from Google Voice the recipient will see an incoming call from +1XXXXXXXXXX Number.

and i can confirm that the plugin is available for Debian & Suse

India Calling $0.06/minUS Calling Free

UPDATE: Google Voice worked over BSNL EVDO last night but now when i am trying to use it over a differennt ISP its not working.

it got activated on my account too.but later i realized that it detects your location by your ip address and enables or disables this service.use this service on your mobile by using bolt lite browser as it shows ip address of some location in usa by using this brtowser,,

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hmm, it detects the location via ip but i got it activated again and also queried abt by location my location is in India as per my IP aswell, i have updated the post to show the latest details and as far as aps account is concerned it is also registered with an Indian address :)