Drush & Dreamhost

Its been more than a year since i am using Dreamhost, The basic package is not too great but is cheap and the support is responsive.

Drush or the Drupal Shell is one of the most powerful tools to use when you are working with Drupal. DreamHost provides php5 but uses php4 as the default for the php command line and in that case drush wont work, so here is a 3 step guide to setup drush on your dreamhost account.

  1. Download & Extract Drush some where on your home folder
  2. Add the following lines to .bash_profile using your favorite editor.

    export PATH=/usr/local/php5/bin/:$PATH
    alias drush='/home/username/drush/drush'

    replace the path of drush as per your preferences :)
  3. Their is no Step 3, Login again and use Drush


For Using Drush Command Line tool you will need to enable SSH on your DreamHost Account.

Connecting via SSH

$ ssh username@domain.com

Editing .bash_profile

$ vi .bash_profile

path to ,bash_profile would be /home/username/.bash_profile

Happy Drush :)