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Websites Websites & Websites i am hosting since 8 years now my hosting plan is near expiry,so looking for some good deals available, in general i am not willing to move to a different hosting provider as this one is fine satisfy my hosting needs,and secondy if i changeĀ  i will have to shift all the data i am very lazy in doing this, but still i am open for change if i get some attractive offer today i searched around to find some of the plans discussed with my friends and came to a conclusion that i can stick to my current plan or go for Dream host, dreamhost would be a bit expensive still i can go for it they are providing some great services. lets see how this works out any ways i have to buy something either renew or shift to a new service. [ad#460]

Blue host and byte host are preferred by many people nowadays and I feel like its the best way to go too. I am not sure how they work but I am using Xtreemhost a free webhost that provides with facilities more than enough for me.