Adding Static Clients in Windows

In relatively small organizations where it is not possible to have a local DNS server there might be a need to obtain DNS like functionality in Linux it is done via the /etc/hosts file if it is possible in linux there should be an alternate in Windows aslo Adding static clients to the hosts file helps minimize the search time here are a simple steps which will help in adding static clients : 1) Open the folder %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\Etc using Windows Explorer. 2) This folder contains 2 important files namely hosts.ics and hosts. hosts.ics is a file which is dynamically updated so pls dont edit it. edit the hosts file using any text editor 3) This hosts file would contain only an " localhost" entry move the cursor to the next line 4) Add the IP address and hostname eg    testmachine.local note a tab character seprates IP from hostname 5) After this entry is done make sure that you leave 2 empty lines in the file use Enter Key to do the same This completes addition of static hosts in windows you can add any number of static hosts as needed.