45 Days to go GNUnify '09

I am very lucky that i got a chance to work with the GNUnify Team 2nd time in a row, 45 days are now left for one of the Biggest Open-Source event in Asia, last time i was leading the Technical Team, this time around i have got a responsibily to lead the Web Team for GNUnify '09 and also guide other teams. Webteam is good they are working prety much fine we were able to bring the website up in just a day and today we added certain more functionalities to the website i have got comments that it is looking better then any of the GNUnify's websites in the past hope to that these comments continues to come.  This time i am also managing the GNUnify Twitter http://twitter.com/gnunify this is not yet added in the website but would like to add it soon. Registration for speakers have started. Most probably i will also be giving a talk like last year also planning to take a Workshop if it is really possible among the biggies. Hope to see a great event this time again. GNUnify Official Website http://www.gnunify.in [ad#460]