Broadcom 43xxx on Linux (openSUSE)

Hopefully there would be many like me who have struggled in configuring Broadcom Wifi Cards on Linux due to their proprietory drivers, now a days it works fine in Ubuntu if you download the drivers available but still it doesnot work with various other distros. so here is a 3 step guide to configure Broadcom Wifi on your linux box these steps have been tested on openSUSE but would work on any distro Step 1 ) Download a file from here. Step 2) Install bcm43xx-fwcutter it is commonly avaiable for all distros Step 3 ) follow the commands

# bcm43xx-fwcutter wl_apsta-

(bcm43xx-fwcutter is the application which u have installed wl_apsta- is the file which you have downloaded from this blog:)  preferably create a directory and copy wl_apsta- there and execute the command in the directory)

# cp *.wl /lib/firmware

(*.wl are the files which were generated from the command above there would be some 16 files)

And you are done use the network manager to configure Wireless Netwoks :) this was really simple. Desclaimer: code/commands given in the posts worked fine for the author please use them on your own risks they may damage your system.

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