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Guest book is one of the essential part for any website, To add a guestbook on your drupal site you can use the guestbook module, the problem you would face is adding a captcha to this now captcha is also very essential to control spam now how to add captcha its very simple just execute the following query


INSERT INTO `captcha_points` ( `form_id` , `module` , `type` ) 
( 'guestbook_form_entry_form', NULL , NULL );

and you are done now go to /admin/user/captcha on your site and enable captcha on guestbook this would look something like this

Wayne (not verified)

13 years 9 months ago

Great tip I was looking everywhere for this. It works awesome.


Piyush R (not verified)

13 years 1 month ago

In reply to by Wayne (not verified)

great tip, that was really quick to add the form for captcha, i tried to add it from the admin panel but it didn't worked and then I found your tip.

thanks, keep them coming

Please take a look at the project page of the Drupal Guestbook (DGB).

The new DGB module is a alternative to the older Guestbook module and offers many missing features of the Guestbook module.

To use CAPTCHA on DGB entry forms please read the hint in the README.txt of the module.

Furthermore the DGB module works with the Spam module if you are use the additional Drupal Guestbook Spam module.

The DGB maintainer