Drupal 7 Release Party Delhi/NCR

By abhishek | Thu, 12/30/2010 - 10:29
Drupal 7 Get Started

The Drupal 7 Release Party is a worldwide event to celebrate the imminent release of Drupal 7. Jan 7, 2011 is not the exact release date. The idea is to have a two day event - a celebration of drupal - technology and community.

Drupal 7 Release Party by Delhi Drupal Community
on Jan 8-9, 2011 - 10AM - 6PM
at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

This is a community event and is open for all. Anyone can participate. Drupal Love is a good to have for the meet. There are no participation fees.

Want to contribute to organising the event - check out the event planning wiki

Venue : IIT Delhi

For details contact either: @kinshuksunil, @1sud, @abhisheknagar on Twitter
Use hashtag #d7rp and spread the word.

Contribute to organising the event at the event planning wiki.


Day 1
10.00-10.30 : Welcome
10.30-13.00 : Hands On Introduction to Drupal 7 byAnkur Saxena (flyankur) & Pratul Kalia (lut4rp)
13.00-14.00 : Lunch
14.00-17.00 : Hackathon - Building a Blog, Brochure Website, Community Website with Drupal 7 by Yash Sharma (yashsharma01)
17.00-18.00 : Cutting the Drupal 7 Cake and networking

Day 2
10.00-13.00 : Developing Drupal Modules Workshop by Sudhir Porwal (sudhirporwal)
13.00-14.00 : Lunch
14.00-17.00 : Theming Drupal Workshop by Gaurav Mishra (gaurav_m)
17.00-18.00 : Drupal Quiz

Parallelly, Day 2 will also have an ongoing hackathons

Check out the event planning wiki
Bring your laptops, powerstrips, datacards and wifi routers with you to the event.

Sign up here and invite friends as well.

Google Voice in India

By abhishek | Fri, 11/19/2010 - 21:59

UPDATE (28/02/2011): Till yesterday Voice was working only on BSNL EVDO but today it started working on our lease-line based connection as well and whats more now i am also able to add credits to the account which was not possible since last few days. +301 is the number from which you will see incoming calls

UPDATE (30/01/2011): Google Voice was deactivated from my account but today (30th Jan 2011) it is again available i am using a BSNL EVDO based Internet connection and my IP is (dynamic) the location of this IP is in India here is an IP Location Lookup result IN INDIA   RAJASTHAN JAIPUR


A Long wait for Google Voice in india ends here, still there is no official announcement for the service but its now working.

The Service incidental got activated in my Google Aps Account today and i was able to make calls the minimum recharge option available is $10.00 calling charges can be found here. Calling to United States in Free.

When a user calls from Google Voice the recipient will see an incoming call from +1XXXXXXXXXX Number.

and i can confirm that the plugin is available for Debian & Suse

India Calling $0.06/minUS Calling Free

UPDATE: Google Voice worked over BSNL EVDO last night but now when i am trying to use it over a differennt ISP its not working.

Integrating SMS Solution to Drupal Websites

By abhishek | Mon, 08/30/2010 - 15:43
SMS List Block

Reaching out to the targeted audience, is one of the goal for any business. here is a list of modules which will allow your website to interact with your audience

  • SMS Framework : Provides a extensible API that facilitates communication between Drupal and various SMS gateways.
    • SMS Actions : Provides an action for sending outgoing messages and the ability to define custom triggers for incoming messages.
    • SMS Blast : Allows bulk text messages to be sent to registered users.
  • SMS List : Manages Subscriptions, and send text messages when needed

SMS Gateways

Other then the module mentioned above you will need an active subscription to a SMS Gateway to send or recieve SMS and a module which can integrate these gateways, Drupal modules for the following SMS Gateways are available

  • Clickatell (International Support over 200 Networks) (Included in Core)
  • MySMSMantra (Only for Indian Numbers)

To Test the service you can even use Email Gateways or Log Only Mode availaable in SMS Framework. A complete list of Supported Gateways is available here.


Restore GRUB 2

By abhishek | Tue, 08/24/2010 - 19:11

In most of the systems GRUB is now upgraded to 2.0 and with this update the old restore process have also changed now there is no grub command :) available.

If you have lost the Bootloader after a routine reinstall or due to any other reason try the following to restore

Boot Using a Live CD and try the following as root

grub-setup -d /media/XXXXX/boot/grub -m /media/YYYYY/boot/grub/device.map /dev/sda

Where XXXXX represents the root partition and YYYYY represents the partition holding the /boot in case you dont have a seperate partition for /boot then XXXX and YYYY would be be the same. /dev/sda may change depending on the system you are using.

Please note this would erase the current bootloader and install a new one for you if you are unsure of what you are doing do not try this

Once done reboot and you will get the GRUB Menu in case you have lost your other OS from the Menu run a


for more information visit the Documention here.



The Rupee Mystery

By abhishek | Tue, 08/10/2010 - 14:03

UPDATE : Webrupee Module for Drupal is also available

RsThe Symbol for Indian currency was approved by the Union Cabinet on 15 July 2010.

This symbol was selected from among five shortlisted symbols and is designed by an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) postgraduate D. Udaya Kumar and since this date the quest of displaying this symbol started. Font incorporating the new symbol was launched same day by Foradian Technologies and is available for free Download.

The next bigger question was How to Display the New Symbol Rs. Online, recently my friend Aman Jain & Meher Ranjan have come up with Web Rupee an API which can do this trick for you here is an howto for the same

How to Use WebRupee API ?

1) Add a stylesheet link in the head section of your webpage:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://webrupee.com/font">

2) Add the following code enclosing your "Rs."

<span class="WebRupee">Rs.</span> 200


1) Just include the following javascript and it will update all the " Rs " / " Rs. " for you

<script src="http://webrupee.com/js" type="text/javascript"></script>

The above API works very well and have been tested by many, As of now this is THE solution to display the Symbol.

The idea behind Web Rupee is great, i would request Aman to allow us make copies of js and ttf on our own servers which would make things faster.

But the final solution would be UTF Character, Indian Government is proposing an Unicode Character U+0971 to be assigned to Rupee Symbol. However, getting the Unicode to be a standard Character set is sure to take some time (if at all it does). If that is done, you will be able to type Rupee symbol character as easily as a $ (US Dollar) symbol.

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My SMS Mantra Gateway for SMS Framework

By abhishek | Tue, 07/20/2010 - 17:39

Its been a long time since i added something new here, so this post comes with a New Drupal Module i recently did.

My SMS Mantra SMS Gateway is a small addon Module to SMS Framework which will allow you to add My SMS Mantra as a SMS Gateway to your drupal website. The module would be released  very soon.


Current Status:

Tested for Integrity with sms_bulk, sms_user, actions and the same is currently functional on Kashipur.in

Currently SMS could be delivered only on Indian Numbers, this limitation is forced from the Gateway and not from the module itself, the module however can be extended to other countries if needed.

The Release is coming soon...






Drush & Dreamhost

By abhishek | Wed, 04/14/2010 - 10:19

Its been more than a year since i am using Dreamhost, The basic package is not too great but is cheap and the support is responsive.

Drush or the Drupal Shell is one of the most powerful tools to use when you are working with Drupal. DreamHost provides php5 but uses php4 as the default for the php command line and in that case drush wont work, so here is a 3 step guide to setup drush on your dreamhost account.

  1. Download & Extract Drush some where on your home folder
  2. Add the following lines to .bash_profile using your favorite editor.

    export PATH=/usr/local/php5/bin/:$PATH
    alias drush='/home/username/drush/drush'

    replace the path of drush as per your preferences :)
  3. Their is no Step 3, Login again and use Drush


For Using Drush Command Line tool you will need to enable SSH on your DreamHost Account.

Connecting via SSH

$ ssh username@domain.com

Editing .bash_profile

$ vi .bash_profile

path to ,bash_profile would be /home/username/.bash_profile

Happy Drush :)

Using SQL * Plus on Command Line in Ubuntu

By abhishek | Sun, 02/28/2010 - 23:30

This blog post is an HowTo "Setup SQL*Plus to work on BASH" The commands illustrated in this howto are tested on Ubuntu 9.10 with Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release - Production Installed.

What is SQL * Plus ?

SQL*Plus is a command line SQL and PL/SQL language interface and reporting tool that ships with the Oracle Database Client and Server software. It can be used interactively or driven from scripts. SQL*Plus is frequently used by DBAs and Developers to interact with the Oracle database.


Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release Installed

Once you have Oracle 10g Installed successfully you can go to

Applications > Oracle Database 10g Express Edition > Run SQL Command Line

and successfully run all your SQL PL/SQL easily but using SQL*Plus directly on BASH is the real fun, Below are the steps which will enable you to use SQL*Plus on BASH

2) set ORACLE_HOME/bin in $PATH

The above 2 steps can be performed by adding the following lines to .bashrc

export ORACLE_HOME=/usr/lib/oracle/xe/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/server/

The above 2 Steps are sufficient to use SQL*Plus on Command Line once you have done the steps execute

$ sqlplus user/password@database

In the default install XE would be used as database.

Issues while using the default or only the above method

  • SQL*Plus does not support the Up/Down Arrow command scroll under linux environment which in itself is the biggest problem.
  • Default Editor is not Set which will confuse you while executing ED.
  • Various Other Environment variables are not set

Resolving the above mentioned issues

  • Install rlwrap this will enable the Up/Down Scroll function
    $ sudo apt-get install rlwrap
    now connect to oracle using
    $ rlwrap sqlplus user/password@database
    You will find that Up/Down Scroll is now enabled.
  • Set the most common Environment Variables

    $ rlwrap sqlplus user/password@database
    SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Sun Feb 28 23:53:15 2010
    Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.
    Connected to:
    Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release - Production
    SQL> SET EDITFILE "afiedt.buf"

    This will set the default editor as VIM, Default Edit File as afiedt.buf LINESIZE as 132 & will mark SERVEROUTUT as ON
    various other variables can also be set similar commands on the SQL prompt

Refer SQL*Plus FAQ's for more information.