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Need for phonetic editing has its roots in different keyboard layouts developed and used by different users and multiple fonts which in combination failed to produce unique easy to use compatible typing/editing solution. The problem is more in the area of software solutions being developed for different Indic Languages. Web based Direct editing or phonetic editing is an implementation which allows user to type in the context using phonetic key patterns across different keyboards, browsers and different Indic scripts.

What is gamabhana?

gamabhana is an open source implementation that uses purely client side java script to enable phonetics in editable html tags such as div (not editable in mozilla firefox) , iframe, input, textarea, document so that you can type in the context phonetically in the selected Indic script with transliteration capabilities that support unicode fonts with the help of  pre-designed gamabhana maps.

With gamabhana library and gamabhana phonetic maps you can:

  • Attach phonetics to editable html tags such as iframe and/or input (single line) and/or textarea and/or document.
  • Design your own transliteration maps for any language/script.
  • Achieve Unicode support across browsers, applications, platforms.
  • Type in the context phonetically ( direct input method) in IE ( V 5 above) and Firefox Mozilla.

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