phpcamp pune 2008

phpcamp was one of the most awaited camp for me as i had started using php this year only, it was scheduled on 20th September 2008 i was planning a talk for beginners in it since long and on 19th in the evening i came to know that i have to be in college on 20th i was highly disappointed then i decided that i will try to schedule my talk in the first half of the event and leave around 12.

As planned i reached the venue early and checked the projectors and instructed varun to put my talk on the wiki when its up (in an unconference the speakers have to put up the name on the wiki only when event starts), as i was on the 4th floor setting up the things but he just forgot to write my name when i returned from the 4th floor the wiki was open and varun was on the reception he said Oh!. i rushed to the wiki and found the thread for 4th floor was empty i filled in my name now my talk was scheduled @ 10:15 but due to delays in introduction round on the 7th floor it started @ 10:40 AM.

The topic for the talk was "Websites in Moments" which was for 40min the talk went on well in the starting the crowd was less but in 10mins the unconference hall was full i presented the talk then demonstrated Drupal it went on very well, people asked lot of questions hopefully i was able to answer most of them. While i was in my talk, i heard gune sirs voice in background he was there but was unable to see him as he was there for only a moment varun clicked a photo when he was there.

Most interesting part was when i finished my talk few people came out and asked for which company i work, i just said " I am a Student!!" and they were shocked then i gave my mail address to them.

It was raining hard i was in hurry as i had to reach college but waited for the rain to stop and then took Nishanth with me and returned back was there in college well in time. in the evening gune sir told we saw me in the talk for some time and it was good.

I was also a volunteer @ phpcamp