The Making of 2nd Anniversary Special

The Making of completes *2 years* today (30th October 2008). Just started for fun today is an integral part of many of us. The idea for having a website for the small city came in mind way back in the year 2002 but to materialize this idea into some form took a long 3-4 years as this was purely one mans job it took a little more time to give it a shape.
This idea popped up in 2002 when i was discussing about the potential of a website with some of my old friends, at that time i was unable to arrange funds for a website and also had a very little expertise in the field as till that time i had designed only two websites that to very basic only static in nature so was afraid off, In 2003 i completed my +2 and moved to Varanasi for further studies where the conditions were entirely different i did not had a system so was putting all my ideas on paper and experimented only when i got time, i used to spend a little time in Sify Iway at Maidagin hunting for content as i was not in Kashipur, finally in 2004 i was able to host a sub domain on my website this sub domain was known as and this was the beginning of The Kashipur Website which only showed a welcome page for months. The basic source of content at that point was Wikipedia which itself had only One Page for kashipur and no other details, meantime i went to kashipur in my holidays and discussed my ideas with various people where Sanjeev Thakur ensured me that i will never fall short of images from kashipur he would look at it he also provided me with some images of various temples in kashipur and said go for it, and i started coding for the site i initially designed 4-5 pages and a guest book and mailed all my friends and knowns about this initially there were almost no hits for the website but slowly people started coming to the site and i got the first guest book entry in 2005.
Till this time kashipur was only a sub domain, we felt a need for a separate domain for kashipur, _and _kashipur.info_ were already booked for Kashipur which is in West Bengal so we settled for which was purchased in the end of 2005. Social networks came up around this time where i posted details about this website and this gave hits to my new website. In 2006 i completed my graduation from Banaras Hindu University and returned to Kashipur and started the work a fresh collected data from various sources at times visited some places to collect information and by July 2006 was popular and was getting hits from the world. This was the time i went to Agra for a year study period but this time i had a machine so the work did not stopped. *.in* domains were available by then and as i felt an Indian touch was necessary for my site i purchased ** <> on October 26 it took 4 days to get space registered and transfer all the data from the old website to and on *30th October 2006* we had up and running i cannot forget that day as i worked for hours to put it up that. was up i demonstrated this to all knowns and whomsoever i met from then fortunately was on the first page of google search for kashipur which also boosted its visitors, A new advanced guest book was hosted for which received the first entry within a week of release. Study session ended at Agra and i came to Pune to do my Masters in Computer Science at Symbiosis Institute Of Computers Studies and Research academically this was the first Institution where i was studying Information Technology, i learned many things here and yes how can i forgot this is the place where i first learned that i can have a server made on my computer only in 2007 previously i used to check my creations on the live server directly which was itself a big problem.
I heard about PHP and other scripting only here and started working on them as library provided all i needed, i also heard about Joomla here which i implemented on which gave a big success to my website as for the first time it was converted into a dynamic website my users started providing feedbacks to me as to how i should bring this website to a level where it has reached today. Joomla was there for a few months on later i learned PHP as i felt i needed it for efficient working of the website, Joomla was unable to provide me what all i wanted so i moved to Drupal which i now feel is the best for me i am using it since a year now have already registered *26000+ *visits since April 2007 and it appears at 1st position on google search, The Kashipur Community on orkut have also grown. now also provides blogs, polls, stories and other services to its user base which has expanded to 75+ countries a few visitors call it as a Virtual Door to kashipur this website is the source of information to people who have moved from kashipur for various reasons. today provides information about Industries present in kashipur the historical importance about the place and also updates its users of the latest happenings in Kashipur the newest feature added is the Directory Service which alredy have 100+ registrations.
All thanks to visitors and contributors who have helped me in bringing it into the present state.