Kashipur.in completing 2 Years this October.

Kashipur.in started as my dream in August 2006 as kashipur.nagarji.net then transfered to www.kashipur.in in October 2006 will be completing 2 years this october. i would be unable to say any thing about it so i thought of including some of the Guest Book entries in this post Capt Sanjeev Bana Says There are two ways to go to Kashipur. One is the physical way and the other is the virtual way. There's are umpteen routes to get there physically but virtually, this site is our window,gate and ticket all combined - to get to Kashipur. I'm sure there have been other attempts to start and maintain other websites on/about the best hometown in the world but they were not sustained/updated due to various reasons including low hits- I mean look at the information available in Kashipur on the wikipedia page. It is still nothing more than a stub. In contrast this website has had committed administrators who have kept their ears to the ground, updated information timely and moved from strength to strength by (i) providing a much needed common platform to all Kashipur guys for voicing what they strongly felt and (ii) Providing a window to All NRK to peep in back home anytime and a Door to the world for a walk in tour. No wonder you guys have over 5ooo hits in this year alone. I was not surprized. I dont't need to tell you to keep it up. I just wonder if you are ever going to slow down regards S Gaurav Mishra Says Its realy a nice site.. Am impressed.. I appiciate u for doing such a encoraging work.. Lot of new thing gained in knowledge while roming through it.. Thnz again an keep it up..! Mahesh C Tiwari Says You have done a great Job Abhishek by creating such an informative website on kashipur.I must congratulate you for this wonderful efforts.Most important thing is that you update it on regualr basis. I have spend 8 beautiful years of my life in Kashipur and at that time it was not a bussy town like it turned now. Cheers !! Mahesh Shashi Kant Kansal Says Dear Abhishek Ji, Its a very good, you have done a marvelous job, I visited this site first time and found very useful as well as meaningful, Go ahead, I am with you. Kailash Rawat Writes when i miss my city i only click the kashipur site. its give me old memories like UHIC , GIRITAL, CHAYTI MELA, DRONASAGAR countless memories. THANK YOU FOR IT . nice work . and many more Kashipur has registered close to 20000 visits this year and the saga goes on for more visit www.kashipur.in