Getting ScribeFire work with Drupal

Want to use the ScribeFire Firefox extension for publishing from your desktop to your Drupal based blog? Read here how to set it up in 5 steps
  • Log in as Drupal administrator. Go to Administration--> Site building--> Modules (?q=/admin/build/modules in your browser's locationbar).
  • Enable the Blog API module.
  • Go to Administration--> Site configuration--> Blog APIs (?q=/admin/settings/blogapi). Check at least one content type that is considered a blog entry (typically story, blog entry). Save.
  • Fire up ScribeFire. Launch the Account Wizard in the right side of the ScribeFire window (or click "Add" if you already have set up some accounts previously).
  • In the Wizard: click "Manually Configure", select "Custom Blog", click "Next", select "Drupal" blog system type, type in your domain (, click "Next", enter your username, password, click "Next", click "Done".