Contributing to Wikipedia

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Wikipedia today has become an unparalleled source of content on virtually any topic and has grown with a great pace, The content available on wiki is all contributed by users like you and me and is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence which allows reuse of this content in various forms by attributing in a manner specified by the author.

You can also be an author on wikipedia even if you are not so great in writing, still you can contribute to wikipedia by rectifying articles in which you have an understanding, you can correct mistakes done by various authors or even start a new article if it doesn't exist in the list which has now crossed 3,170,000 mark.

So what are you waiting for, start writing and correcting articles to build this free encyclopedia even better, but use this tool effectively do not edit any article in which you don't have any understanding, add articles only on topics where you have understanding always specify references while editing articles. Do not copy any content which is copyrighted it will be deleted for sure.

My Experiences while Editing Wikipedia

I have been using wikipedia since long as many of us and have edited various articles which i thought needed improvement and currently have more than 200 live edits on wikipedia. I have seen many of my edits being deleted for various reasons and i can safely say that there are users out there who continuously watch each edit and if its not up to the mark or violates any policies the edit is deleted within no time. I am currently watching articled related to Kashipur, Uttarakhand, Personalites from Uttarakhand and various topics of my intrest. The latest article i contributed is on Shree Moteshwar (Bheemashankar) Mahadev Temple. below is list of my Top 5 Edited/Contributed Articles

Lets gear up and contribute what all we can, and make Wikipedia Stronger

My Wiki User Contributions Page