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फेसबुक पर रहें सुरक्षित

फेसबुक पर रहें सुरक्षित

सोशल नेटवर्किंग की दुनिया में आज सबसे बड़ा नाम फेसबुक है, मार्च २०१४ को फेसबुक की अधिकारिक घोषणा के अनुसार भारत में फेसबुक के १० करोड़ से ज्यादा सक्रीय उपभोगता हैं जो की फेसबुक का प्रयोग कंप्यूटर, लैपटॉप, मोबाइल एवं अन्य माध्यमो से करते हैं | आज के कंप्यूटर युग में सुरक्षा एक बड़ी चुनौती बन गई है, करीब करीब रोज़ ही फेसबुक से जुडी घटनाये चर्चा में आ जाती हैं आईये जानते है कुछ तरीके जिनसे आप फेसबुक पर सुरक्षित रह सकते है


List of Users in a Group (getent)

Managing users & groups since long but have you ever looked/reviewed the list of users present in a Specific Group after adding them, so here is a single line command for my lazy sysadmins :)

$ getent group | awk -F: '{print $4}'

you may use this when doing a security audit.


Key Based Authorization with SSH

Using remote shells is all time favourite but remembering those many passwords is a pain so here are the steps to login using SSH without putting a password :)


1. Create a public ssh key, if you haven’t one already. Look at ~/.ssh. If you see a file named id_dsa.pub then you obviously already have a public key. If not, simply create one.

ssh-keygen -t dsa should do the trick. Please note that there are other types of keys, e.g. RSA instead of DSA.

2. Make sure your .ssh dir is not publically writable

    # chmod 700 ~/.ssh


Tips by an Admin-Developer

WebApps we have been developing since long we code with utmost attention, we code securely. Here are certain tips which might prevent us from a few attacks, they cannot save us completely, if they could why will be need security experts

Wi-fi Security

Desclaimer:  The views expressed here are of the author alone, you may agree or disagree on any of them, code/commands given in the posts worked fine for the author please use them on your own risks they may damage your system.

I am in Pune since more than a year now have attended countless conferences, un-conferences, camps and what not, learnt a lot and atleast i am able to blog, in almost every event security is one of the leading topics is it that big, oh YES !!!, i would like to quote Rohit's statement "Click one centimetre below then what you use to click you would be much more secure".

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