Checking System Uptime in Windowspress

uptime is a Linux/UNIX command which lets you know the time since the machine is running.
But how you get the same information in Windows???????????
Its very simple i dont know if you have used this command in windows or not the command to find out uptime for windows machine is

Google Search

If you type the word ' search ' in the Google search box and hit enter, the weird thing is that Google itself shows up probably in page 2 or 3. And the first result is Microsoft's Live Search !! I know that the algorithm has to do something with it, but still Google should be the first result because that's what people associate the word ' search ' with.

Compile Linux Kernel 2.6.*

Compiling the Linux Kernel will either be the most frustrating or the most coolest thing a linux user have done. Bit it is also something any serious Linux User cannot avoid.

Why Compile a Kernel?

Kernel is the interface to your Hardware, re-compiling/patching the kernel would fix bugs and enhance performance of your hardware.

The How to

Step 1) Getting The Latest Kernel Source Code

What is Open Source ????

Open Source Software development platform is a community of one or more software programmers across the world who come together and work on developing software. The Important thing here is to make the source code along with the application freely downloadable to people so that they can use-see-modify the source code according to their own requirements. The software may or may not be a replica of an existing proprietary software.

My First Outdoor Workshop

Eagerly waiting for my first outdoor workshop.
I and Mr. Gaurav Pant would be conducting a workshop in Kohlapur (Maharashtra) this wednesday we have not yet decided what all we would be covering top the lists would be PHP, Symphony and atleast a Content Management System.
hoping for a good time.