Getting ScribeFire work with Drupal

Want to use the ScribeFire Firefox extension for publishing from your desktop to your Drupal based blog? Read here how to set it up in 5 steps
  • Log in as Drupal administrator. Go to Administration--> Site building--> Modules (?q=/admin/build/modules in your browser's locationbar).
  • Enable the Blog API module.
  • Go to Administration--> Site configuration--> Blog APIs (?q=/admin/settings/blogapi). Check at least one content type that is considered a blog entry (typically story, blog entry). Save.
  • Fire up ScribeFire. Launch the Account Wizard in the right side of the ScribeFire window (or click "Add" if you already have set up some accounts previously).
  • In the Wizard: click "Manually Configure", select "Custom Blog", click "Next", select "Drupal" blog system type, type in your domain (, click "Next", enter your username, password, click "Next", click "Done".

indic touch to drupal

UPDATE : Here is an excellent module to integrate indic scripts to drupal both 5.x. & 6.x or you can try the process mentioned in this post to type in indic this works only for Drupal 5.X

i was in search for an easy way to create some hindi pages for my website which was running on drupal then i heard about akindicplugin from Amit's Blog this plugin was for TinyMCE as this plugin was released under GPL i had a look into it then found i can also use it for my website and it would provide me the functionality i need it worked for me and so i am writing this How to Getting Hindi and other Indian Languages in Drupal What you need ?

1) Drupal with TinyMCE enabled

2) akindicplugin from Amit's Blog

The Steps 

Step 1) Extract the downloaded to %drupalhome%/modules/tinymce/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/akindicplugin

Step 2) edit %drupalhome%/modules/tinymce/plugin_reg.php Append the following at the end of the file
$plugins['akindicplugin'] = array(); $plugins['akindicplugin'] ['theme_advanced_buttons3'] = array('akindicplugin'); return $plugins; }

Step 3) Now enable akindicplugin button for the editor from your website  Administrator>TinyMCE and save the settings this would give support to additional 8 indian languages to your Drupal
I recommend not to provide this service to all your users create a role for this service instead.
This works only for Drupal 5
Here is an excellent module to integrate indic scripts to drupal both 5.x. & 6.x Enjoy

The Making of 2nd Anniversary Special

The Making of completes *2 years* today (30th October 2008). Just started for fun today is an integral part of many of us. The idea for having a website for the small city came in mind way back in the year 2002 but to materialize this idea into some form took a long 3-4 years as this was purely one mans job it took a little more time to give it a shape.
This idea popped up in 2002 when i was discussing about the potential of a website with some of my old friends, at that time i was unable to arrange funds for a website and also had a very little expertise in the field as till that time i had designed only two websites that to very basic only static in nature so was afraid off, In 2003 i completed my +2 and moved to Varanasi for further studies where the conditions were entirely different i did not had a system so was putting all my ideas on paper and experimented only when i got time, i used to spend a little time in Sify Iway at Maidagin hunting for content as i was not in Kashipur, finally in 2004 i was able to host a sub domain on my website this sub domain was known as and this was the beginning of The Kashipur Website which only showed a welcome page for months. The basic source of content at that point was Wikipedia which itself had only One Page for kashipur and no other details, meantime i went to kashipur in my holidays and discussed my ideas with various people where Sanjeev Thakur ensured me that i will never fall short of images from kashipur he would look at it he also provided me with some images of various temples in kashipur and said go for it, and i started coding for the site i initially designed 4-5 pages and a guest book and mailed all my friends and knowns about this initially there were almost no hits for the website but slowly people started coming to the site and i got the first guest book entry in 2005.
Till this time kashipur was only a sub domain, we felt a need for a separate domain for kashipur, _and _kashipur.info_ were already booked for Kashipur which is in West Bengal so we settled for which was purchased in the end of 2005. Social networks came up around this time where i posted details about this website and this gave hits to my new website. In 2006 i completed my graduation from Banaras Hindu University and returned to Kashipur and started the work a fresh collected data from various sources at times visited some places to collect information and by July 2006 was popular and was getting hits from the world. This was the time i went to Agra for a year study period but this time i had a machine so the work did not stopped. *.in* domains were available by then and as i felt an Indian touch was necessary for my site i purchased ** <> on October 26 it took 4 days to get space registered and transfer all the data from the old website to and on *30th October 2006* we had up and running i cannot forget that day as i worked for hours to put it up that. was up i demonstrated this to all knowns and whomsoever i met from then fortunately was on the first page of google search for kashipur which also boosted its visitors, A new advanced guest book was hosted for which received the first entry within a week of release. Study session ended at Agra and i came to Pune to do my Masters in Computer Science at Symbiosis Institute Of Computers Studies and Research academically this was the first Institution where i was studying Information Technology, i learned many things here and yes how can i forgot this is the place where i first learned that i can have a server made on my computer only in 2007 previously i used to check my creations on the live server directly which was itself a big problem.
I heard about PHP and other scripting only here and started working on them as library provided all i needed, i also heard about Joomla here which i implemented on which gave a big success to my website as for the first time it was converted into a dynamic website my users started providing feedbacks to me as to how i should bring this website to a level where it has reached today. Joomla was there for a few months on later i learned PHP as i felt i needed it for efficient working of the website, Joomla was unable to provide me what all i wanted so i moved to Drupal which i now feel is the best for me i am using it since a year now have already registered *26000+ *visits since April 2007 and it appears at 1st position on google search, The Kashipur Community on orkut have also grown. now also provides blogs, polls, stories and other services to its user base which has expanded to 75+ countries a few visitors call it as a Virtual Door to kashipur this website is the source of information to people who have moved from kashipur for various reasons. today provides information about Industries present in kashipur the historical importance about the place and also updates its users of the latest happenings in Kashipur the newest feature added is the Directory Service which alredy have 100+ registrations.
All thanks to visitors and contributors who have helped me in bringing it into the present state.

Installing Oracle9i on Linux

Pre-Instalation Tasks
1. Create oracle User Account

Login as root and create te user oracle which belongs to dba group.
su -
# groupadd dba
# useradd -g dba oracle
# mkdir /home/oracle
# chown oracle:dba /home/oracle

2. Setting System parameters
Edit the /etc/sysctl.conf and add following lines:
kernel.sem = 250 32000 100 128
kernel.shmmax = 2147483648
kernel.shmmni = 128
kernel.shmall = 2097152
kernel.msgmnb = 65536
kernel.msgmni = 2878
fs.file-max = 65536
net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 1024 65000
Note: You need execute “sysctl -p” command or reboot system to apply
above settings.

Edit the /etc/security/limits.conf file and add following lines:
* - nproc 16384
* - nofile 16384

3. Setting Oracle Enviroment
Edit the /home/oracle/.bash_profile file and add following lines:

Settings for SuSE 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3 only. For SuSE 10.1 use the next


Settings for SuSE 10.1 only. For SeSE 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3 use the above
settings. Note setting of LD_ASSUME_KERNEL in 10.1 will cause incorrect
functionality of OS.


Save the .bash_profile and execute following commands for load new
cd /home/oracle
. .bash_profile

4. Create base directory for Oracle

Login as root and create base directory for Oracle ($ORACLE_BASE).
su -
# cd /opt
# mkdir oracle
# chown oracle:dba oracle

Download & Install
1. Download and install required .rpm packages

Some additional packages are required for succesful instalation of
Oracle software. To check wheter required packages are installed on your
operating system use following command:
rpm -q gcc glibc-devel libstdc++ libstdc++-devel cpp

If some package is not installed download it from SUSE ftp server or
direct from 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 locations or install it from installation media.

Download the gcc_old-2.95.3-175.2.i586.rpm package.

Install the required packages using the rpm command:
# rpm -ivh gcc-3.3.4-11.i586.rpm \
glibc-devel-2.3.3-118.i586.rpm \
libstdc++-3.3.4-11.i586.rpm \
libstdc++-devel-3.3.4-11.i586.rpm \
cpp-3.3.4-11.i586.rpm \
compat-2004.9.6-2.i586.rpm \

If all required packages were installed succesfuly then login as root
and switch the GCC3 compiler binary with GCC2 compiler binary as following:
su -
# cd /usr/bin
# mv ./gcc ./gcc3
# mv /opt/gcc295/bin/gcc ./gcc

2. Download the Java Runtime Enviroment (j2re-1_3_1_15-linux-i586.bin)
from the Sun website. Keep in mind you need to download j2re1.3.1_11 or
higher (Note: Install JRE 1.3.1_1x version only).

Login as root and make the the file executable and then execute it.
When the JRE is exracted move the “jre1.3.1_15″ di rectory to “/opt”
# chmod +x j2re-1_3_1_15-linux-i586.bin
# ./j2re-1_3_1_15-linux-i586.bin

# mv jre1.3.1_15 /opt/

3. Download the Oracle 9i ( software from Oracle website.
Extract the files using following command:
gunzip ship_9204_linux_disk1.cpio.gz
gunzip ship_9204_linux_disk2.cpio.gz
gunzip ship_9204_linux_disk3.cpio.gz

cpio -idmv < ship_9204_linux_disk1.cpio
cpio -idmv < ship_9204_linux_disk2.cpio
cpio -idmv < ship_9204_linux_disk3.cpio

When all archives were extracted you’ve got three directories Disk1, Disk2 and Disk3.
Edit the Disk1/install/linux/oraparam.ini and modify JRE_LOCATION variable and set path to our JRE installation from

Step 2. JRE_LOCATION=/opt/jre1.3.1_15 4.
Start the Oracle software installation process. Now the system is prepared for Oracle software installation. To start the installation process execute the following commands:

cd Disk1 ./runInstaller When network configuration assistant and database configuration assistant has failed during startup then do following steps:

cd /opt/oracle/920 rm JRE ln -s /opt/jre1.3.1_15 JRE
su -
# cd /opt/oracle/920/JRE/bin
# ln -s java jre
# cd i386/native_threads
# ln -s java jre Click on “Retry” button.


Tasks 1. Switch back the GCC binaries su -

# cd /usr/bin
# mv ./gcc ./gcc296
# mv ./gcc3 ./gcc 2.

Change of JRE path in Oracle Universal Installer Edit the $ORACLE_BASE/oui/oraparam.ini file and modify the value of JRE_LOCATION to /opt/jre1.3.1_15 3.

thats it

phpcamp pune 2008

phpcamp was one of the most awaited camp for me as i had started using php this year only, it was scheduled on 20th September 2008 i was planning a talk for beginners in it since long and on 19th in the evening i came to know that i have to be in college on 20th i was highly disappointed then i decided that i will try to schedule my talk in the first half of the event and leave around 12.

As planned i reached the venue early and checked the projectors and instructed varun to put my talk on the wiki when its up (in an unconference the speakers have to put up the name on the wiki only when event starts), as i was on the 4th floor setting up the things but he just forgot to write my name when i returned from the 4th floor the wiki was open and varun was on the reception he said Oh!. i rushed to the wiki and found the thread for 4th floor was empty i filled in my name now my talk was scheduled @ 10:15 but due to delays in introduction round on the 7th floor it started @ 10:40 AM.

The topic for the talk was "Websites in Moments" which was for 40min the talk went on well in the starting the crowd was less but in 10mins the unconference hall was full i presented the talk then demonstrated Drupal it went on very well, people asked lot of questions hopefully i was able to answer most of them. While i was in my talk, i heard gune sirs voice in background he was there but was unable to see him as he was there for only a moment varun clicked a photo when he was there.

Most interesting part was when i finished my talk few people came out and asked for which company i work, i just said " I am a Student!!" and they were shocked then i gave my mail address to them.

It was raining hard i was in hurry as i had to reach college but waited for the rain to stop and then took Nishanth with me and returned back was there in college well in time. in the evening gune sir told we saw me in the talk for some time and it was good.

I was also a volunteer @ phpcamp


Hey i was a speaker again this time it was phpcamp pune my talk was @ 10:15 which started @ 10:40 would be posting about this talk soon. The crowd was more then expected it was great phpcamp rocked but i had to leave and come back @ 12:00 was unable to attend other talks completing 2 Years this October. started as my dream in August 2006 as then transfered to in October 2006 will be completing 2 years this october. i would be unable to say any thing about it so i thought of including some of the Guest Book entries in this post Capt Sanjeev Bana Says There are two ways to go to Kashipur. One is the physical way and the other is the virtual way. There's are umpteen routes to get there physically but virtually, this site is our window,gate and ticket all combined - to get to Kashipur. I'm sure there have been other attempts to start and maintain other websites on/about the best hometown in the world but they were not sustained/updated due to various reasons including low hits- I mean look at the information available in Kashipur on the wikipedia page. It is still nothing more than a stub. In contrast this website has had committed administrators who have kept their ears to the ground, updated information timely and moved from strength to strength by (i) providing a much needed common platform to all Kashipur guys for voicing what they strongly felt and (ii) Providing a window to All NRK to peep in back home anytime and a Door to the world for a walk in tour. No wonder you guys have over 5ooo hits in this year alone. I was not surprized. I dont't need to tell you to keep it up. I just wonder if you are ever going to slow down regards S Gaurav Mishra Says Its realy a nice site.. Am impressed.. I appiciate u for doing such a encoraging work.. Lot of new thing gained in knowledge while roming through it.. Thnz again an keep it up..! Mahesh C Tiwari Says You have done a great Job Abhishek by creating such an informative website on kashipur.I must congratulate you for this wonderful efforts.Most important thing is that you update it on regualr basis. I have spend 8 beautiful years of my life in Kashipur and at that time it was not a bussy town like it turned now. Cheers !! Mahesh Shashi Kant Kansal Says Dear Abhishek Ji, Its a very good, you have done a marvelous job, I visited this site first time and found very useful as well as meaningful, Go ahead, I am with you. Kailash Rawat Writes when i miss my city i only click the kashipur site. its give me old memories like UHIC , GIRITAL, CHAYTI MELA, DRONASAGAR countless memories. THANK YOU FOR IT . nice work . and many more Kashipur has registered close to 20000 visits this year and the saga goes on for more visit

phpcamp 2008

PHPCamp is a 'ad-hoc gathering' for PHP community. It similar to barcamp, but more focused towards PHP based web application development. It is targeting all the PHP enthusiast and starters to join this technical extravaganza this means that anyone can come to PHPCamp and participate.

Why, Yet another camp?

Yes, we do agree there are so many great camps now a days with general purpose which covers either "open-source" or some of them are specializations into different 'CMS' / 'Framework' like structures. But by both concepts we actually can not bring whole PHP community together, which is most popular and supposed to be the most growing community. As it is going to be the first event , the first move we called this event as " elePHPant arrives... ".

Event Details

Date: 20th September 2008 (saturday) . Time: 10:00am to 6:00pm (Whole day event) . Venue: Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd., Plot No. 9A/12, CTS No. 12A/12, Erandwana, Near Padale Palace (Opp Sharda Center), Pune - 411 004