45 Days to go GNUnify '09

I am very lucky that i got a chance to work with the GNUnify Team 2nd time in a row, 45 days are now left for one of the Biggest Open-Source event in Asia, last time i was leading the Technical Team, this time around i have got a responsibily to lead the Web Team for GNUnify '09 and also guide other teams. Webteam is good they are working prety much fine we were able to bring the website up in just a day and today we added certain more functionalities to the website i have got comments that it is looking better then any of the GNUnify's websites in the past hope to that these comments continues to come.  This time i am also managing the GNUnify Twitter http://twitter.com/gnunify this is not yet added in the website but would like to add it soon. Registration for speakers have started. Most probably i will also be giving a talk like last year also planning to take a Workshop if it is really possible among the biggies. Hope to see a great event this time again. GNUnify Official Website http://www.gnunify.in [ad#460]

GNUnify '09

GNUnify enters 7th Year
What it is? GNUnify, an annual technical extravaganza is organized by the students of Symbiosis institute of computer studies and research (SICSR) GNUnify, the name symbolizes GNU / Linux, the philosophy behind Free/Open source, unifying and strengthening the free / open source movement, sharing and spreading knowledge with the help of IT. GNUnify initiated in the year 2003 is an international convergence of open minds who aspire to unfold their knowledge for the benefit of widespread I.T., providing a platform for students and IT professionals all over the world of free / open software. It is an effort to explore the abundant information of a domain, which believes in free/open source software and has no bounds. Techie-talk, GNU/Linux install fest, workshops, boot up and Q&A forum, this festival has it all.
When is it? 13th & 14th Feb 2009
Where is it? Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Atur Centre, Gokhale Cross Road, Model Colony, Pune -16.
[caption id="attachment_111" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Symbiosis Institute Of Computer Science & Research"]Symbiosis Institute Of Computer Science & Research[/caption]
About SICSR Computer Science is at the intellectual forefront of the Digital Revolution that will define the 21st Century. That revolution is in its infancy but is visible all around us. New scientific, economic and social paradigms are arising from computing science and being felt across all sectors of the economy and society at large. The Symbiosis Institute of Computer Sciences (SICSR) is a recognized leader in the creation of Scientific Knowledge and Practical Technologies that are defining this historic transformation. Our mission is to facilitate ideas that will shape this new frontier. Innovation requires dedication to learning, in the classroom, in the research laboratory, and throughout one’s professional career. At SICSR, we offer a unique educational opportunity for students to achieve excellence in both through rigorous classes and participation in cutting edge research.
Please feel free to discuss on these topics at http://groups.google.com/group/gnunify09 You can also add your own topic here Planning to have a talk as last year @ GNUnify and a Workshop.

Open Source and Free Puppies

Seth Gottlieb reported that Annie Weinberger of Interwoven, a proprietary CMS vendor, launched some good old Open Source FUD comparing Open Source to a free puppy: "We look differently at the cardboard box full of free puppies outside the super market once we become adults. As children what could be more fun than to get a puppy who is going to be your friend for life? Why not mom…it’s FREE!! But as adults we have learned the truth. We know that taking home that puppy is going to cost us in the end. The free price tag hides all the costs we are going to spend on food, training, shots, and a new couch once the puppy discovers you are not coming home at 5:00 every night to walk him. Open source WCM solutions are very similar. The free price tag is attractive at first, but for online strategies that have multiple initiatives (intranet, extranet, portal, landing pages, micro-sites, etc.), the hidden fees lie in the heavy customization, maintenance and engineering work." Puppy analogies -- especially those with free puppies -- are powerful stuff. Is Open Source more expensive than proprietary systems? It depends. You can't generalize. Open Source implementations can be more expensive if you try to bend the software too much. However, you don't have to be a genius to understand that because there are no licensing costs, Open Source has the potential to be much cheaper than proprietary solutions, and that Open Source solutions come with freedom and flexibility not found in proprietary products. Implementation cost is an important factor, but it is in providing freedom and flexibility that Open Source wins and commercial vendors lose. Open Source puppies are "free" as in "free speechbark". One thing is for sure: puppies attract attention; these days, Open Source does as well and proprietary vendors tend to be of the jealous type. The great thing about FUD, though, is that it validates our work in the Open Source community. Blog posts like Annie's trigger the competitive gene in hundreds of Open Source developers around the world, and in the end, makes Drupal stronger. A free puppy, anyone? This Blog Post is taken from Dries Buytaert's Website and is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License [ad#460]

Open Social Developer Garage 2008

I am Camping

A group of OpenSocial enthusiasts from Pune have come together to bring this event. The event is aimed to unite all the OpenSocial Application Developers from all over the country and just share/code/have fun and maybe inspire a few wannabee.

We are sure this will be a great help towards awareness of OpenSocial and building a strong OpenSocial developers community. As this is a event arranged by some enthusiast developers like us and not by any organization this will be event completely oriented towards OpenSocial and no marketing for any company or jobs.

Venue : ThoughtWorks Pune

Date : 20th December 2008


ClubHACK 2008!!

Team ClubHACK organized its 2nd Conference in India this December and named it as ClubHACK 2008, i was amongst the few who got an opportunity to attend the event and learn many new things relating to security. The talks were wonderful and the workshops were the added advantages. I was in 3-4 talks and 2 workshops,  missed a few as was part of the organizing team. Rohit spoke about securing Wi-fi Connection and also talked abt his experiences of the Wardrive in Pune. Kunal's work shop on BackTrack was unparalleled got to learn many things from it. #mumbai attacks was the hot topic in the panel discussion.