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The Making of Kashipur.in 2nd Anniversary Special

The Making of Kashipur.in
Kashipur.in completes *2 years* today (30th October 2008). Just started for fun kashipur.in today is an integral part of many of us. The idea for having a website for the small city came in mind way back in the year 2002 but to materialize this idea into some form took a long 3-4 years as this was purely one mans job it took a little more time to give it a shape.

Kashipur.in completing 2 Years this October.

Kashipur.in started as my dream in August 2006 as kashipur.nagarji.net then transfered to www.kashipur.in in October 2006 will be completing 2 years this october. i would be unable to say any thing about it so i thought of including some of the Guest Book entries in this post Capt Sanjeev Bana Says There are two ways to go to Kashipur. One is the physical way and the other is the virtual way.
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