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भारतीय भाषा तकनीकी मेरा सफर

आज पता नहीं बहुत दिनों बाद मन आया कुछ लिखने का, बहुत देर तक यही सोचता रहा की क्या लिखा जाये, अब तक तो हमेशा ही तकनीकी विषयों पर लिखा है पर पिछले कुछ दिनों पर नजर डाली तो ऐसा लगा की कुछ खास नया सा किया नहीं, और फिर अचानक ध्यान आया की भाई ये जो तू टाइप कर रहा है इसी में तो तूने पिछले दिनों काम किया है, शायद ये पहली बार ही है की हिंदी में ब्लॉग लिखने का साहस कर रहा है, बस मन बना लिया भारतीय भाषाओ पर कुछ लिखा जाये |


Celebrating Republic Day

Celebrating Republic Day

Greetings on the occasion of the Republic Day of India!

Let's take pride being a sovereign nation and strive to stand up to the expectations of our republic and fellow countrymen.

Saluting our National Flag and the Republic,



Samsung Galaxy Fit

Samsung Galaxy Fit

A Very Happy New Year !!! I was a bit slow in writing over here last year so will try to write a bit more this year...

I bought a new phone in a hurry last December as my Nokia N86 went dead a fine day landed to the Samsung Shop in Kashipur and bought a budget Phone Samsung Fit in approx 10K, so far so good its an Android phone which i bought with testing the platform in my mind running Android 2.2.1 which could be upgraded to a next version which i never did so here is a review..

The Pluses

  • Android :)
  • Light weight.
  • Wifi, 3G.
  • Can work as Hotspot, not found in any Nokia phone in my opinion.
  • Touch is quite good.
  • 5MP Camera.

The Minuses


Devotion to Duty

Via XKCD.com


Kumaon Vani (CRS)

Kumaun Vani CRS

My latest assignment at Uttarakhand Open University is to setup a Community Radio Station (CRS) in Haldwani, we have already decided over the name and it would be known as "Hello Haldwani" we have initiated the process to get various approvals and clearances from the Ministry and have come a long way and hopefully with the current pace in next 6 months we would be on air.

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